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Beach Bonfire Safety

Beach bonfires are a normal part of coastal life. The perfect way to enjoy a warm night watching the sunset, it is important to know proper etiquette to create a safer beach for everyone.

While the coast isn’t a hot spot for wildfires, they do happen. As we saw with the Echo Mountain Fire, things can escalate quickly. Sometimes the weather perfectly lines up to be dry and warm on the coast and the state will issue outdoor fire or burn bans. Be respectful of these rules and make our firefighters happy.

Your bonfire must be small and contained. A small fire should be around 2’ by 2’ and never bigger than your beach chair. Build your fire on dry sand, away from incoming tides and sneaker wave danger, but never close to beach grass. Be mindful of wind direction and always light your fire downwind of dune grass.

Bring your own wood and refrain from burning driftwood or other beach logs. The wood should be small like the bundles sold at stores around Lincoln City such as IGA or McKay's.

And of course, never leave your fire unattended. When you are finished enjoying your fire, it is very important to put it out with water, not just cover it with sand. While it may look like the fire is totally out with sand coverage, the coals remain hot for much longer than you’d expect, up to several hours depending on the size. This has caused burned feet and paws to unsuspecting beach-goers, not realizing it was recently a fire pit. Please do your part and pack out everything you packed in to help keep Lincoln City beaches pristine for all to enjoy.

Always check first to see if there is a fire ban in our area by visiting the Oregon State Parks website and North Lincoln Fire and Rescue.

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