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Have a question? We have an answer for you. See our Frequently Asked Questions to help kick off your adventure.

Where can I find the glass floats?

Anywhere on Lincoln City’s seven miles of beach, from Road’s End to Cutler City. Floats are hidden above the high tide line and below the beach embankment, during daylight hours only and every day, rain or shine. On rare occasions weather and ocean conditions can create unsafe situations; official notice of any cancellations will be made on our social media channels and website.

How do I find the floats?

With persistence and a little bit of luck. We use the term “hide” loosely; we want our treasures to be found. Begin your hunt at a public beach access point. Our Float Fairies hide the floats at random times and location—not even we know.

When and how many floats are hidden?

In October 2018, our Float Fairies started hiding glass floats on the beaches year-round. There are approximately 60 floats hidden per week, and on certain weekends and holidays, our Float Fairies will drop extra floats. For a full list of special drop dates, visit our Finders Keepers page.

What do I do when I find a float?

Give us or the Visitor Center a call to register your float: 541-996-1274 and receive your certificate of authenticity as well as a short biography about the artist who created it.

Are dogs allowed on the beach?

Leashed dogs are welcome on the beach, to protect the local wildlife and environment. Please be mindful and clean up after your pet while exploring our beautiful beaches.

Is alcohol allowed on the beach?

Alcohol is allowed on the beach if you are 21 years or older. Have fun but please be mindful and do not leave used containers on our beaches.

Is camping allowed on the beach?

No, there is no overnight camping allowed on the beach. However, there are campgrounds throughout and around Lincoln City. Find where to pitch your tent at our Where to Stay page.

Can you drive on the beach?

No, but beach parking is available at NW 15th Street, October - April. Be mindful of tides before you venture on to the sand.

Can I have a fire on the beach?

Small, controlled fires, 2’ by 2’ are allowed on the beach. Please be mindful and keep fires away from beach grass and driftwood. Extinguish your fire completely with water when you are done; buried fires can remain hot for several hours and potentially burn an unsuspecting foot or paw. Check the fire danger level before building a beach fire.

What are sneaker waves?

Sneaker waves are large, unexpected waves that often occur during outgoing tides. Please be mindful and practice beach safety while exploring our shorelines. Always keep your eyes on the ocean and keep small children and pets close by.

Can we use fireworks on the beach?

No. Fireworks are not permitted on the beach or anywhere else in Lincoln City. Take in Lincoln City's professional public fireworks display at our annual 4th of July Celebration.

See more information on Lincoln City's Firework Regulations here.

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