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Float Fairies Go On Strike

Finders Keepers Glass Float Drops Suspended During Fairy Negotiations

Glass float drops on Lincoln City’s beach have been interrupted due to a work stoppage by local float fairies. The fairies have announced a general strike until demands for better working conditions are met. Explore Lincoln City regrets to announce the delay and is in negotiation with the Amalgamated Association of Fairies, Gnomes, and Trolls on a compromise package at this time. The remaining demands include:

- A tiki bar fairy break lounge
- 20% less rain
- 30% less wind
- Monthly fairies-only beach fires
- Creation of a witness-protection program for fairies whose identities have become known
- Magic wands

A request for tutus, however, has proven to be a sticking point. We will inform you promptly once these issues are resolved.

Happy Spring, and

Happy April Fools Day.