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Kite Flier Spotlight

Kite flying is an experience many associates with summertime, fresh air, and childhood, but for some this joyful activity can turn into a lifelong passion.


For kite flier Ronda Brewer, it was love at first kite in the summer of 1979.

“It was one of those chance happenings that lured me into what would eventually become a passion and life-changing activity,” says Brewer. “I stopped at the D River Wayside and saw a fighter kite demo being given at a Lincoln City kite festival. I watched the demo for a while and then thought that it looked like a fun thing to do. I just knew I could do what I saw the kite fliers doing with their East Indian fighter kites. I went to Catch the Wind and bought a paper fighter and some string and came back to the beach to join in the fun.”

And it was fun, Brewer continued, as she maneuvered her paper fighter among the other kites. This serendipitous moment led to a lifelong fascination with kites and has led Brewer to travel the world to seek out kite festivals.

Brewer asserted that Lincoln City is an ideal place for kite flying due to the seven miles of long beaches that allow for unobstructed wind to buffer kites, big and small, into the sky.

“I can look out toward the horizon and see the approaching winds, by the way, the water ripples,” says Brewer. “If I see white caps, I know there are very strong winds headed toward shore and I had better get my kites safely into my bag. The multiple public beach accesses along the entire length of Lincoln City enable beachgoers to choose a location that suits their needs.”

First-time flier? Brewer offered some useful tips for flying on the beach.

“First and foremost is to NEVER EVER take your eyes off of the ocean,” Brewer cautioned. “Also, listen for any changes in sound. Sneaker waves happen quickly and silently. Pay attention and be ready to move to higher ground when you no longer hear the waves crashing onto the shore.”

First-time fliers should find the direction of the wind to help lift their kite to the sky.

“You want the wind to blow against your back so you are facing your kite when you launch it into the sky,” Brewer instructed. “Fly when the winds are light to moderate. It can be frustrating if the winds are too light and your kite won’t fly. But, it can be even more frustrating if you try to fly your kite in winds that are too strong and you either have the line break or your kite flies erratically and gets damaged from crashing.”

Keep an eye on your surroundings and watch out for other kite fliers and beachgoers, Brewer said, and most importantly, be safe and have fun.

2018 Kite Festival was themed, the Year of the Kite. For more information about the Summer Kite Festival, visit our event page.

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