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Studio Highlight - Lincoln City Glass Center

Our Mother's Day special drop is hand crafted by the Lincoln City Glass Center. A staple in Lincoln City.

Exterior sign of the Lincoln City Glass Center

Lincoln City Glass Center, formerly known since 2005 as The Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio has been participating in the Finders Keepers program since nearly the beginning. The original founders of the business located in the historic Taft District, were John Myers, Dan Millen, James Benson, and Kelly Howard.

Over 15 years of operation, they have evolved into a community of artists drawn to the studio to further their careers in art. The studio also employs and sells the work of many other well-known local artists. A number of the glass blowers hold art degrees in glass blowing from university programs here in the States, with many honing their skills with additional work through classes at Pilchuck and Penland School of Craft.

Kelly Howard has been creating different color mixes by hand, coordinating color combinations, and developing new designs for the studio since the year 2000. The blowers use these colors and designs to impart character to the floats as they work together in the studio.

The Glass Center has become a staple in the Lincoln City community with projects like the Hope Floats Program, where high school students can learn the magic of the glass trade. When you visit Lincoln City again, try your hand at blowing your own glass float at the LCGC.

On December 10th and 11th, 50 red and black floats will be hidden in addition to normal float drops to celebrate our beloved NBA team, the Blazers.

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