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Beach Wheelchair & Accessibility

Our beach wheelchairs are ready to hit the sand. We've also identified accessible beach access points for friends and family who are itching to see the beach close up.

Good news, our beach wheelchairs are back! There are only a select few places on the Oregon Coast where you can rent one of these and get your loved ones on the beach who find walking in the sand difficult. Its home is at the pavilion in Taft on 51st street, where once you contact the Community Center and reserve a time, you can take off right from the parking lot down a path toward the beach. That area is known for its accumulation of driftwood so depending on recent storms, you may not be able to get all the way onto the beach with the wheelchair, but you are guaranteed views of Siletz Bay seals sunbathing and the ocean meeting the mouth of the bay.

To borrow a chair, download the app through a link provided by the Community Center. Wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Learn more about the our beach wheelchairs here.

a beach wheelchair on a patch of grass overlooking the water

We are excited to rejoin other coastal communities to bring the beach to those who can’t access it easily. It’s completely complimentary and while accessing the beach in Taft is the easiest and most convenient, you can transport the wheelchair to a different access point if you are able to do so. Here are a few for you to explore.

handicap accessible beach access path leading to the beach and ocean in Lincoln City, OR
NW 15th St

NW 15th St

This is a paved drive-on beach access. This isn’t to say anyone in any vehicle is capable of doing so. A lot of people don’t realize how difficult it can be to drive on sand and frequently find themselves getting stuck and needing assistance. If you do choose to, you are only to drive within the posted designated areas. Because this is a paved access point, it serves as a great ADA Accessible beach access.

a paved, handicap accessible beach entrance in Lincoln City
D River Wayside

D River Wayside

Likely the most popular stopping point, right off Hwy 101, this is a perfect place to stop to soak in the salty air. There is a paved ramp with a gradual slope down to access the sand. There is a large parking lot making it easier to pack in the whole family and spend some time at the beach, or a few benches if you would rather sit back and enjoy the views from hard ground.

a handicap accessible path cuts through plant-covered dunes leading to a sandy beach and ocean waves
SW 11th St

Canyon Drive Park

At SW 11th St you'll find extra parking and restrooms with a paved gradual incline access to the beach. It's a little off the beaten path, meaning not right off Hwy 101, but a well-known spot to access the beach easily with a little less traffic. In addition to beach access, it also has a lakeside park surrounded by the Agnes Creek Open Space.

people sit on a log, admiring the ocean, next to a handicap accessible beach path
Roads End State Recreation Site

Roads End State Recreation Site

Roads End is a popular place to park and explore the beach. There is ample parking, public restrooms, and a paved path with a medium incline down to the beach. While there are rocks and driftwood that could make it hard to navigate, there is a bench with an unbeatable view of the knoll and Cascade Head.

a paved platform with a mural of a pink octopus and picnic table offer wheelchair access to the beach
SW 34th St

SW 34th St

Though parking is limited at this access spot in Nelscott, the are other public lots nearby, and it is a great place to easily get onto the beach. It also has 2 tables that make it a perfect spot to enjoy a picnic or just sit and soak it all in.

Learn more about exploring without limits here.

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