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Siletz Bay

Siletz Bay is perfect for crabbing, clamming, enjoying a cozy beach bonfire and, especially, for catching a radiant Lincoln City sunset.

Discover the place where the thick green forest blends into a network of estuaries and a glassy bay. Dig your hands into the mud and pull out lunch or find it in a warm bowl of chowder. Stroll along a dock from the days when Siletz Bay was a working harbor and ships sailed in to transport lumber to distant lands. Watch artisans fuse, blend and twirl molten glass into iridescent art, grab a delicious craft beer and watch the sunset behind the backdrop of the Four Brothers rocks.

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A gloved hand holds a live crab caught during one of the crabbing Exploriences in Lincoln City, OR, along the Oregon Coast.

Crabbing Exploriences Enjoy the bounty of Siletz Bay with Explore Lincoln City’s Crabbing Exploriences. The Exploriences run from late spring to early fall, everyone is welcome to catch their own dinner.

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