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Welcome Washed Ashore Exhibit

Using debris collected from Oregon beaches, this art exhibit will be on display at the Lincoln City Cultural Center starting this October.

The Lincoln City Cultural Center is excited to announce its newest exhibit this month. Washed Ashore will be displaying an exhibit of sea life sculptures made entirely of recycled marine debris. Their message is simple...ocean stewardship on the Oregon Coast. The Cultural Center is located centrally in Lincoln City on Highway 101, making this the perfect place to spread awareness to locals, visitors, or those just passing through.

The Washed Ashore Project, founded in 2010 by artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi, began using debris she collected from the beaches in Bandon, Oregon. The sculptures have traveled all over the country shedding light on the amount of waste found on the beaches from the ocean and of those who fail to pack out what they pack into their day at the beach. Places like the Smithsonian Institution, San Francisco Zoo, and SeaWorld Orlando have hosted these exhibits and no matter where they go, the creatures graphically illustrate the tragedy of plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways.

All of the artwork is made up of marine debris, mostly plastic, found on the beaches in Oregon. You’ll find educational signage that teaches ocean stewardship, responsible consumer habits, and how “every action counts” to help save our sea.

Priscilla the Parrot Fish, which stands at 9ft tall and 16ft wide, will be on display, as well as Flash the Blue Marlin, Gertrude the Penguin, Chompers the Shark, Stanley the Sturgeon, and the American Sea Star on the center's Lawn. An additional indoor exhibit will be available to view as well.

The artist team and the founding artist, Angela Haseltine Pozzi, are scheduled to be in Lincoln City on October 23 and 24. They are planning a public presentation for all to attend. Admission to this exhibit will be free and run through March of 2022.

Don't miss other Cultural Center events like live music, art receptions, and the Farmers Market, which is closing for the season this month.

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