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Ghostly Encounters

Spirits visit Lincoln City and never seem to leave, from ancient monsters pulling men into Devils Lake to ghost ships adrift in Siletz Bay.

Breakfast with Matilda

The Wild Flower Grill has a resident benevolent spirit named Matilda, who enjoys opening and closing cabinets. On one occasion she rattled a locked doorknob of an employee restroom and then pushed the door open without unlocking it—but no one was there. One witness claims to have seen Matilda stroll past him in the restaurant and disappear on the balcony. Try and find Matilda at the Wild Flower Grill while you enjoy one of its delicious breakfasts.

Pioneer Cemetery

The permanent residents of Lincoln City rest here, pioneers and settlers from the early days of the area, on top of a large hill in the Taft District, with a gorgeous panoramic view of the Pacific. Pay your respects and hear their stories during A Tour to Die For, where every October, history comes to life and Lincoln City’s permanent residents in the Pioneer Cemetery tell of their experiences settling the area.

North Lincoln County Historical Museum

Perhaps the spirits of Lincoln City feel comfort surrounded by its history, as more than one has been sensed at the North Lincoln Historical Museum. The former museum curator claimed to hear “human” noises wandering the exhibits while working alone late at night. Psychics say that a group will meet around the conference room table on the second floor—maybe hearkening to the days when the building served as a meeting space for City Council.

Siletz Bay Schooner

One hundred and fifty years ago, a ship drifted into the Siletz Bay at the south end of Lincoln City, and legend holds that while the ship was fully stocked with supplies there was not a soul aboard. Until the early 2000s, the ribs of this schooner or brig could be seen peeking through the mudflats of the Siletz Bay, before being completely swallowed by the earth. It is possible this schooner became the legend of a ghost ship, sometimes seen sailing into the bay before vanishing into thin air.

Legend of Devils Lake

It’s said something tentacled and mysterious lurks in the greenish depths of Devils Lake. Local Native American oral legend speaks of a “bad spirit,” an octopus-like creature that dwells within the lake. Stories tell of a Native American chief sending a band of warriors across the lake at night to win the affection of a young woman on the other side. The calm waters of the lake began to bubble, froth and churn as giant tentacles rose from the murky depths and pulled the men from their canoes and down into the water, never to be seen again. Does the Devils Lake Monster still dwell there? While that’s uncertain, watch the waters when you are out kayaking.

Ghosts “not Open to The Public”

The Bob Everest Fire Station on the north end of Lincoln is said to have a volunteer firefighter who never stopped volunteering. North Lincoln Fire & Rescue volunteers have reported the fire truck bay area always being freezing cold, regardless of hot weather, and have heard “Bob” walking up and down the stairs at night. Bob was once found napping on the break room couch and vanished when he was caught. It is thought that Bob still rides with his fellow firefighters on today’s calls.

A Tour to Die For

Each October, wander through the misty Pioneer Cemetery and hear the tales of the permanent residents of Lincoln City. Experience history brought to life with A Tour to Die For. A Tour to Die For is a collaboration between the North Lincoln County Historical Museum, Taft Pioneer Cemetery Association and Theatre West. Stories about the residents of the Cemetery are united with actors to literally bring the history of Lincoln City to life.

Haunted Taft

Haunted Taft takes you on an eerie stroll through the Historic Taft District of Lincoln City in October and every full moon to hear spine-chilling tales of the area. Hear the tales that people still tell around the fire—from the mysterious Ghost Schooner of Siletz Bay to a ghostly logger at the oldest operated bar on the Oregon Coast to legends of pirates and pioneers. This eerie walking tour takes you through one of Lincoln City’s oldest districts and keeps you in shivery suspense every step of the way.

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A bigfoot-esque silhouette on a beach at sunset in Lincoln City, OR.

Haunted Taft In October, and throughout the summer, you can stroll through the Historic Taft District of Lincoln City and hear spine-chilling tales of the area.

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