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Top 5 Best Restaurants for Clam Chowder

No trip to the Oregon Coast is complete without a big bowl of delicious clam chowder to warm the heart from the cool, ocean air.

Lincoln City is no exception, boasting a number of restaurants with chops for this classic seaside dish. Grab your spoons and oyster crackers. This list is sure to make you feel like a chowderhead.

1. Kyllo’s Seafood & Grill

A gorgeous panoramic view of the Pacific and a bowl of tasty clam chowder is just what the doctor ordered at Kyllo’s Seafood & Grill, located at 1110 NW 1st Ct in Lincoln City. Served market fresh every day, Kyllo’s clam chowder is a combination of razor and white clams. The housemade dish has potatoes and is described as creamy, fresh, tasty with quite the beautiful texture and balance and perfectly paired with a dark beer.

Kyllos' Bowl of chowder with crackers

2. Dory Cove

The beloved Dory Cove Restaurant has been serving classic New England-style clam chowder for over 40 years. In 2007, a fire destroyed the original building in the Roads End district. Six months later, the owners reopened in the Nelscott district and brought the entire staff and menu to the new location. Try their “legendary” clam chowder in a large bowl. Made with a liberal helping of butter and cream, this chowder is thick and hearty…just the thing after a hard day of fishing or recreating.

Dory Cove bowl of chowder

3. Shuckers Oyster Bar

Oysters are not the only mollusks to indulge in at Shuckers! Customers keep coming back for more thick and delicious chowder. Shuckers is a beloved local hangout, dishing up seafood with the best of them, from fried clams and calamari to fresh oyster shooters on the half shell. The clam-loaded chowder comes with hot, crusty bread and topped with green onions, with a healthy serving of humor and a smile. Located at 4814 SE Highway 101, you’ll walk in a guest, and leave as family!

Shuckers Clam Chowder

4. Blackfish Café

A Lincoln City classic since 1999, owner and Chef Rob Pounding puts the priority on doing seafood right. Pounding was selected to prepare a dinner at the prestigious James Beard House in New York and his culinary team has won over 15 medals for their cuisine and style. Blackfish Café’s chowder is described on the menu as “the best on the Oregon Coast!” This chowder comes packed with clams, potatoes, and a variety of fresh veggies, creating a thick and flavorful experience.

Blackfish bowl of chowder

5. Mo’s Restaurant

Famous for its chowder and the legendary legacy of Mama Mo Niemi, Mo’s chowder is a household name up and down the Oregon Coast. The creamy, New England-style chowder features a homemade and treasured recipe, which adds bacon to the mix! Mo’s chowder factory goes through one ton of bacon per week and one ton of potatoes per day to meet the demands of its 8 coastal locations. Stop by to taste the history of this Oregon Coast classic! Of course, there are several other great places to get chowder in Lincoln City. Learn more about all the restaurant options you can try chowder by visiting our Where to Eat page.

Mos shrimp topped clam chowder
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