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Explore Without Limits

One of the Oregon Coast's most accessible destinations. Lincoln City breaks down barriers, offering exciting activities you never thought possible.

Wheel The World

Experience Lincoln City Like Anyone Else

The purpose of Wheel The World is to make the world accessible. The organization believes that people with disabilities should experience the world like anyone else, and acknowledge that each individual has different needs when it comes to accessibility, especially when planning a trip.

With the support of a grant from Travel Oregon, Explore Lincoln City partnered with Wheel the World to deliver to visitors detailed information about accessible locations and activities with specialized customer support throughout the entire experience, making sure the needs of the traveler are fulfilled before, during, and after every trip.

Visit Lincoln City
with guaranteed accessibility!


Find your way back onto the Beach

In collaboration with Lincoln City Parks and Recreation, four of Lincoln City's beach access points feature mobility mats (Mobi-Mats) on a seasonal basis. These special mats make it easier for everyone, regardless of mobility level, to make their way out on to the beach to enjoy and ocean breeze.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, visitors can experience 750 feet of ocean blue, ADA-compliant Mobi-Mats. These six-and-a-half-foot-wide mats are portable, non-slip, and made from 100% recycled polyester. They create extended pathways over the sand, making beach access effortless.

The mats are available for use at the D-River State Recreation Site, NW 40th St. near Chinook Winds Casino Resort, NW 34th St. Grace Hammond Beach Access, or SW 51st St. in the Taft District to try the Mobi-Mats for yourself.

Beach Wheelchairs

The Beach is For All

Those who never thought they would be able to explore the beach are now able to, with Lincoln City's beach wheelchairs. Built with a balloon-like tire, these chairs can easily traverse over sand and rocks.

Find the be wheelchairs, available for free rental, in Lincoln City's Taft District at the SW 51st street beach access point. To borrow a chair, download the Movatic App through the Apple's App Store or Android's Play Store.

Wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

This complimentary service is provided year round by the Lincoln City Parks and Recreation Department.

Learn more about the our beach wheelchairs here.

Color Accessibility

Giving The Gift of Color

New loaner glasses for color blindness now available!

Seeing the ambient colors of a person’s day-to-day life is something that can easily be taken for granted. This is even more pertinent when visiting a place with as much color and splendor as the Oregon Coast. From the lush emerald forests filled with towering Sitka Spruce, to the deep blues and teals that churn in the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Now imagine a life where these vibrant colors were muted and difficult to distinguish from other surrounding colors.

Did You Know?

Utilizing revolutionary color vision solutions, in partnership with EnChroma's Color Accessibility Program, Explore Lincoln City brings the colors of the Oregon Coast to color deficient persons with EnChroma glasses, available for free public loan.

Usually when people talk about color blindness, they are referring to the most common forms of red-green color blindness, which are genetic conditions caused by a recessive gene on the X-chromosome, but there are other types as well.

Red-green color blindness can be broken down into two main types:

Take the EnChroma color blind test to see what glasses best suit your specific kind of color blindness.

EnChroma glasses are available for free public loan at the Lincoln City Community Center in partnership with Lincoln City Parks & Recreation.

Glasses available on first come first serve basis.

A credit card is required for reserving EnChroma glasses. A user's card will only be charged if the borrowed glasses are broken or not returned.

Play Without Limits

Schooner Creek Discovery Park (Coming Soon)

Under construction in Lincoln City's historic Taft District, Schooner Creek Discovery Park will be the first fully inclusive and accessible playground on the Oregon Coast.

What is an Inclusive Playground?

An all-inclusive playground provides opportunities for people of all abilities to play together and find challenges at their own level, including people who have autism, intellectual disabilities, hearing impairments, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other disabilities. It also addresses the needs of able-bodied children.

While all-inclusive playgrounds are also accessible to people with physical disabilities, not all accessible playgrounds can be considered inclusive playgrounds. An accessible playground does not always create the optimal space for disabled and able-bodied children to play and interact with each other. Inclusive playgrounds go above and beyond the minimum standards of accessibility to promote a truly inclusive experience so every child at the playground can feel like they belong.

Visit Lincoln City Parks and Recreation's website for more information on area parks.

Contribute to the park's capital campaign.

Additional Resources

Oregon Coast Visitors Association - Amenities For Greater Access

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Oregon Accessibility Manual 2023-2024

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