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Echo Mountain Wildfire

Lincoln City had to deal with something no one really expects on the Oregon Coast. A wildfire swept over thousands of acres nearing Lincoln City causing evacuations and devastation in its path. A few days of orange filled, smoky skies with first responders working around the clock, the Echo Mountain Fire was 100% contained at the end of September. Since then, we have begun a long recovery process. Our community has come together to rebuild and help those in need like never before. Donations are flowing, hotels are opening their doors and even restaurants are offering free meals to those who have suffered loss or displacement. If you are traveling to Lincoln City, there are some ways you can help support our community and your home away from home.

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Shop and buy locally. Many business owners and members of our workforce have experienced hardships. They are still hard at work, serving our guests and making sure Lincoln City is a great place to visit.

Know what you are walking into
. It's important to understand that our community is still recovering from this disaster. Be kind, patient, and compassionate.

Pack what you need for your trip. In a small coastal town, resources can become thin on a normal basis. Try to remember now is a time when locals may need access to basic necessities more than ever.

Where you can donate
. Donations can be taken to the Newport fairgrounds to be sorted before they are sent to the Lincoln City Distribution Center at Lincoln City Outlets. There are a few other local businesses accepting donations like Zuhg Life Surf Shop, Marcis Bistro, and Beach Babies Resale. These donations help provide essential items to those affected or displaced by the fire.

We are extremely fortunate that the fire did not make it all the way to the city. Our community is still hurting, but we are strong, and with each other's support we will find our way to the other side.

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