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How To Travel More Sustainably

Visiting the Oregon Coast is widely known as a 'breath of fresh air,' a 'perfect reset,' and place that's 'good for the soul'. We want to keep it that way. Here are some ways you can visit more sustainably.


Not only does that apply to your favorite beverage, apply it to all other items you typically use while at home. While packing for the coast, don't forget things like your water bottle, coffee tumbler, reusable grocery bags, straws, and your own to-go items. Don't have them yet? Stop by places like Salt and Scout in the Lincoln City Outlets, or really any other retail shop, and find yourself a reusable item that suits your style.

Zest Garden Cafe has brought sustainability to a whole new level in Lincoln City with their mission to be a zero-waste kitchen. You can even bring your own container for raw organic juices, oat milk and more.

Reduce Excess

Planning a trip to the coast for a day or two? Instead of meeting your friends and family at the destination, save gas by carpooling. This not only helps lower emissions but also reduces traffic congestion, and parking issues.

Going out to eat? Help eliminate food waste by splitting an entree with a travel companion. In addition, if you are ordering take-out, make it a point to refuse any excess items you may not use, like condiment packets, ramekins, extra napkins, cutlery, straws in your drink, and other single-use plastic.

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Exciting news for us here in Lincoln City! Recently installed, Oregon Bottle Drop is now at Safeway. Bring your green bags from home or sign up so you can ditch your cans and bottles easily after your fun-filled adventure. There are a number of convenient ways account holders can spend their redemption funds: Withdraw them for cash at the Lincoln City Safeway or any BottleDrop kiosk; Get an extra 20% by using funds to shop with store credit at the Lincoln City Safeway through the BottleDrop Plus program; Save for education by linking their BottleDrop Account with an Oregon College Savings Plan Account; or, Donate to a charity of their choice through BottleDrop Give.

Also, remember Lincoln City has a recycling center for all other items used during your trip.


The amount of trash littered across town has increased drastically. It can be found on the beach, along the trails, and throughout the city. No amount of organized beach cleanups can keep up with the littering, so it's up to us as individuals to take care of a need we see, on the regular.

On your next trip to the beach, bring a bag and make an effort to pick up small plastics that wash ashore, or other garbage left by carelessness. If each of us committed to doing this each time we walk the shoreline, the load is a lot lighter - and in turn, everyone, including the wildlife will enjoy a cleaner beach. Don't forget to snap a photo and submit it to us here - we do a monthly drawing as a part of our Trash for Treasures program. So, if you weren’t one of the lucky ones who found a float while out and about, you have the opportunity to win one by being a steward of our coastline.

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