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National Kite Month

April is National Kite Month, and although we aren't hosting our Summer Kite Festival this year, we wanted to take some time to acknowledge such an amazing event, sport and passion for all ages.

See unique whale kites in Lincoln City

Every year, kite enthusiasts across North America come together to celebrate the passion and pastime that is kites and kite flying. The diverse history and development of kites has drawn people in at all ages, creating a very unique community of competitors, participants and spectators. From competitive flying to launching a life-sized whale kite into the air, there is no shortage in appreciation for all that goes into such a simple pleasure. April is a month to celebrate the pure joy and happiness that comes from lifting your kite into the air and watching it soaring up in the sky.

Lincoln City (usually) hosts two kite festivals each year

National Kite Month is organized by the American Kitefliers Association and volunteers across state lines help to promote kite flying and this special month. They decided that April was the perfect month to celebrate, mostly because it is a month that perfectly symbolizes hope, potential and joy as the weather begins to change. The first month in Spring is likely when you’ll start seeing kite fliers hitting the beach and dusting off their kites for their first soar. It's the month of spring cleaning and refreshing old hobbies, a month where everyone is eager to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, especially after this last year of being cooped up at home. Fortunately, kite flying is an activity that is easily done while being socially distant. With Lincoln City’s 7 miles of pristine beach, you and your family are able to pack a bag and spend the day at the beach, flying kites, dipping your toes in the ocean and soaking in the ocean air.

Lincoln City beaches are ideal for kite flying

Although there won’t be a large event with humongous kites and entertaining performances this year, it's a perfect time to go fly a kite. Because of our vast beaches, Lincoln City is a perfect place to get out there and give it a try. You'll likely find luck because of the beach's natural and unobstructed wind patterns. Not to mention, it's a perfect pastime to spend with family, with sand in your toes, ocean views, and smiles all around.

Show us how you are celebrating National Kite Month by uploading your pictures. You're likely to see it on our website!

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