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Storm Watching

Experience the magnificent power of mother nature as you watch the storm fronts come in. With the wind howling, waves crashing and ominous clouds filling the sky, it is quite the show to take in.


Although many people come to play on the beaches of Lincoln City in the summer, storm watching in the winter has become a favorite pastime. Particularly in December, January, and February, ferocious Pacific Ocean waves roll in from Japan to pound the Oregon Coast. When the storms are at their peak, winds in excess of 100 miles per hour (87 nautical miles per hour) and waves towering 30 feet (9.14 meters) or more drive spectacular walls of water onto the beach and against the bluffs.



  • D River Wayside
  • Roads End State Park



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When the storm is over and it is safe to stroll the beach, don’t miss the opportunity. The incredible waves always bring treasures onto the sand. You’ll find agates, shells and if you’re really lucky, maybe even an authentic antique glass float. And since the Japanese tsunami, those treasures may be part of another culture and part of someone’s life. You may be able to engage in a random act of kindness by reuniting a treasure with its distant owner. Be Safe: Use common sense and follow general safety guidelines. If you don’t know what an item is, don’t touch it. If it appears hazardous, read this guide or contact appropriate authorities. For more info, visit NOAA’s website.


Storm watching is energizing for children and adults alike, whether the watching occurs from a cozy oceanfront room or an unprotected bluff. Pay attention to conditions as it might not be safe to be on the beach during powerful storms. In addition to throwing logs and other debris, the wrath of the Pacific produces large breakers that take you for an unplanned swim in unfriendly waters. Head inside and for high ground to enjoy the action.

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