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Time To Take Care

As we welcome visitors and warmer weather is upon us, let's work together to take care of Lincoln City.

We love the coast. That's why we live here, vacation here, or make day trips here just to take a deep breath of salty air. As we become more aware of things like climate change or see more microplastics lining our shore than years past, it is important to remind ourselves about sustainability and stewardship. “Sustainable travel is a form of travel that aims to sustain or enhance the geographical character of a place — its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage and the well-being of residents” as Travel Oregon puts it. This message builds awareness about leaving a smaller footprint wherever your adventures may take you.

The Oregon Coast is wild and overflowing with some of the best landscapes in the world. Lincoln City is also home to Oregon's only UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. As we welcome more guests each year, we encourage everyone to practice and care about sustainable tourism. To keep it natural and wild as we know and love it, so everyone can experience the magic of our area now and for generations to come.

Keeping our beaches clean is a high priority. Did you know that when you are out on the beach searching for a Finders Keepers glass float, or just on a blissful morning stroll, you can pick up trash and be eligible to win a float in a drawing? We call this Trash For Treasures. You can time stamp us a photo or drop your bag off at the Visitor Information Center inside the Cultural Center and be included in our monthly drawing. In addition, SOLVE hosts beach clean-ups throughout the year that brings communities together to clean our beaches. Help us protect marine life and maintain the beauty of our area by joining us on March 28th at five different locations in Lincoln City.

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