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What is Valentine's Day Without Something Sweet?

Lincoln City is a haven for sweet treats. Pick up a last-minute box of chocolates for that special someone, or spend a day exploring each shop together. Here's what not to miss:


Embrace your inner child at Candyland, a vibrant store overflowing with nostalgic penny candy, gourmet chocolates, gummy bears and licorice of all sorts. Their "seafoam" chocolates are a great gift for those who love the coast. Pick and choose your favorite pieces to create a fun and personalized Valentine's Day gift basket for your loved one.

Read's Homemade Candies

Journey back in time at Read's Homemade Candies, where a 100-year-old taffy machine spins out chewy, delectable treats. Witness the magic firsthand as skilled artisans pour molten candy onto cooling slabs, stretching and folding it into colorful ribbons. Savor classic flavors like salted caramel and raspberry, or try unique options like marionberry and hot cinnamon.

The Chocolate Frog

Step into a world of nostalgia at The Chocolate Frog. This charming shop boasts old-fashioned fudge recipes that have been passed down generations, resulting in smooth, decadent squares that melt in your mouth. Their solid chocolate frogs, after which the store is named, come in fun flavors such as chai, lemon, orange and mint.

Sirens' Sweets in Gleneden Beach

Venture a little further south to Sirens' Sweets in Gleneden Beach, where handmade chocolates take center stage. Indulge in melt-in-your-mouth truffles infused with unique flavors like huckleberry and maple old-fashioned. They also have a whimsical room of obscure candies from across the globe.

Whether you crave nostalgic treats that echo childhood memories or handcrafted delights from local artisans, Lincoln City offers a sweetness unlike any other. So, grab your sweetheart's hand and embark on a sugary adventure across town!