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Explorers Club

As if exploring Lincoln City with our local experts isn't enough, those that complete five Lincoln City Exploriences are eligible to join the Explorers Club.

How to Play

Upon completing a Lincoln City Explorience, you can request a token or secret code for our mobile passport from one of our local experts.

Collect five different tokens and bring them to the Lincoln City Welcome Center, located at 801 SW Hwy 101, 4th floor, to get signed up for the club. If you're using the mobile passport, enter five secret codes from different Exploriences and we'll send you a link to get you enrolled in the club.

Club Rewards

Each club member will receive an exclusive Explorers Club glass coin. This coin is not only a collector's item, it also unlocks a number of excellent club benefits.

We'll be adding even more club benefits in the coming months, so stay tuned!

At this time, only US residents are eligible for the Explorers Club benefits.

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