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Low Risk Activities

Seriously fun adventures await you in Lincoln City.

Explore nature on our lush trails, suit up for an aquatic adventure, cast a kite high into our blue skies, cruise for miles on a fat tire bike, or hunt for treasure. Or better yet, do them all.


Lincoln City gives you access to some of the best hikes on the Oregon Coast. The sweeping coastal views of Cascade Head and the stunning waterfall at Drift Creek Falls will blow you away. Not to mention the tranquil wooded forest along the way.

Kayaking & Paddleboarding

Siletz Bay and Devils Lake are some of the best spots to get out on the water. The typically calm surfaces of these places make them perfect for a personal paddle in your kayak or ride on your paddleboard. Stop in at Safari Town Surf or ZuhG Life Surf Shop for rentals, lessons and guided tours. If you are interested in guided tours through the Salmon River estuary try the Salmon River Wooden Kayak Company.

Kite Flying

The beach in Lincoln City is the perfect place to fly a kite. Our coastal breezes are just right to launch that colorful glider sky high. If you're in the market for a new kite, be sure to visit Winddriven for an outstanding selection of fun things to fly.

Fat Tire Biking

With over seven miles of flat, continuous beach, you'll find the perfect place to cruise on a fat tire bike. With the wind in your hair and the sounds of the shore all around, what better way to go for a ride? Bring your own bike or rent one of ours from Safari Town Surf.

Glass Floats

Be on the lookout for the colorful twinkle of hand-blown glass floats when you’re exploring our beaches. There are over 3,000 of these glass float treasures to find each year. As the name says, Finders Keepers!

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