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Kite Flying

The sustained winds on Lincoln City's shore make for an ideal environment to fly your favorite kite.

Common Kites

You'll witness all kinds of kites soaring in the sky along the beach. These are the most common.

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Kite Safety

Be safe, be cautious, be courteous, and use common sense. You’ll have a great time and everyone else will too.

  1. Be considerate of others - Watch out for other people and other kites.
  2. Reduce your risks - Be mindful of your surroundings and use proper equipment.
  3. Know your and your equipment's limitations - Be aware of your skill level and the power of your kite.

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Where to buy a Kite

Whether you're a first-time flier or have been putting up kites for years, Winddriven in Lincoln City has all of your needs covered. This colorful shop, located in the Oceanlake District, has an impressive display of deltas, diamonds, and dual-line kites.

Lincoln City Kite Festivals

Enjoy two kite festivals each year, Lincoln City's largest annual events. The Summer Kite Festival takes place in late June, the Fall Kite Festival in late September or early October. Professional kite fliers from all around the world show off stunts and routines and display some of the biggest, best and most colorful show kites around.

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