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Top Central Coast Attractions

The Heart of the Oregon Coast is famous for its historic railroads, cheese factories, glass artisans and, of course, its rugged beauty.

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad
In Garibaldi, time-travel to the days of steam engines as a locomotive takes you along Tillamook Bay and Oregon Coast for gorgeous views of the ocean.

Tillamook Creamery
In Tillamook, visit the historic factory to see how this world-famous cheese is crafted. Tours are free, interactive and self-guided. Enjoy any number of delicious treats featuring Tillamook products.

Lincoln City Outlets
In Lincoln City, there are over 50 designer and name brand stores to peruse—from Coach, The North Face and Gap, in addition to Pacific Northwest staples like Nike, Columbia Sportswear and Harry & David.

Lincoln City Glass Center
In Lincoln City, this is a mecca for glass artists. Watch the swirling of heat and color as gorgeous glass creations like floats, paperweights and vases are crafted—and perhaps create your own.

Oregon Coast Aquarium
In Newport, experience the ethereal magic of jellyfish, watch otters, seals and sea lions frolic while colorful clouds of fish swirl at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Hatfield Marine Science Center
In Newport, be at the cutting edge of marine science research to explore the wonders of our marine world with interactive exhibits and live marine animals.

Newport’s Historic Bayfront
In Newport, there is an iconic marketplace hub for shopping, dining and readymade adventures. Enjoy fresh seafood, explore the Mariner Square and say hi to the sea lions lounging on the docks.

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