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Safety & Accessibility

The Oregon Coast is a beautiful place to behold. Enjoy everything there is to see and do, but stay safe out there.

Beach Safety

There are a few things to keep in mind when you hit the beach.

Never turn your back on the ocean. Sneaker waves appear without warning and can easily catch you off guard.

Stay away from logs. It only takes the smallest amount of water to move the largest of logs. These waterlogged logs can end up on top of you.

Know the tides. Be aware of when the tide is going out and when it is coming back in. Access to certain areas of the beach is affected by the tides. You don't want to get stuck or end up in a dangerous situation.

Stay off cliffs. Cliffs may be unstable or experiencing erosion. Be aware of falling rocks, and do not climb cliffs. Stay behind all fences and railing.

Extinguish beach bonfires with water. Do not cover fires with sand, always put them out with water. Covering fires can heat the sand causing severe burns to unsuspecting beach goes who happen to step on top. There is a Temporary Ban on Beach Fires Effective August 13, 2023. To see 2023 Beach Fire Restrictions click here.

Keep pets on a leash. You never know what your furry friends might find on the beach or who they might run into. Keep everyone safe by using a leash.

For additional resources, review safety tips from Oregon State Parks.


Lincoln City has varied topography. Some beach access points are high up, requiring a trek down some stairs. Others are flat, level with the sand or have ramp access. These access points make it easy to get on the sand.

NW 40th St - Paved ramp with a gradual slope.
NW 15th St - Paved drive-on beach access. Only drive within the posted designated areas.
D River Wayside - Paved ramp with a gradual slope.
SW 51st St - Flat access with ample public parking.

Beach Wheelchair

Lincoln City offers complimentary use of our beach wheelchair. This provides mobility on the sand for those who find it difficult or are unable to walk on sand. To reserve or check-out the beach wheelchair, contact the Lincoln City Community Center at 541-994-2131.

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