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D River Welcome Center

Explore Lincoln City is proposing a new Welcome Center and restroom facility located at the D River State Recreation Site.

Project Scope

As it is today, the D River State Recreation Site does not make a high-quality statement about Lincoln City. With aging facilities, inefficient configuration, and upkeep issues, the experience for guests and residents could be drastically improved.

Explore Lincoln City is proposing a complete overhaul of the site including a new Welcome Center, restroom facilities, reconfigured parking, and other amenities.


In partnership with Bearing Architecture, the initial conceptual phase has been completed, which includes initial renderings, a rough floor plan, and landscaping ideas. This phase does not yet address the entirety of the site including parking, green space, access, and other amenities.

North perspective
East perspective
West perspective
Southeast site plan - does not show the entire site or main parking

Project Goals

The goal of this project is not just the installation of a Welcome Center. Rather, there are many reasons to improve the experience at D River, which include the following:

Community Benefit
•Only high capacity, full-service, accessible, oceanfront park in Lincoln City
•Guests use it year-round, especially during summer
•Residents more likely to access mid-week and throughout shoulder and off-seasons

Positive First Impressions
•Primary window to the ocean directly from Hwy 101
•Drastically improve the existing look and feel to better reflect Lincoln City
•Capture pass-through guests for return visitation inspiration

Enhance Destination Experience
•Improve/add on-site amenities in addition to look and feel

Enhance Access
•Improve beach and ocean access
•Reconfigure parking - Same or more spaces, better flow, RV spaces
•ADA compliance/improvements - Parking, ramps, pathways, Mobi-mats, beach wheelchairs

Tell the Lincoln City Story
Reinforce Lincoln City brand
•Highlight experiences and attractions

•Local history
•Cultural significance and preservation

Promote Local Business and Drive Economic Impact
•On-demand information concierge
•Virtual/digital resources
•Collateral (guides, brochures, maps, etc.)

Maintain Land and Water Conservation
•Site emphasis on outdoor recreation (do not want to trigger conversion)

Community Presence
•Visible identity for ELC to interact with guests and residents alike


The improvements at the D River State Recreation Site will be funded through $2.5 million in State Lottery Bonds with the balance coming from local Transient Room Tax.

Stakeholder Input Session

Stakeholder Input Session Presentation - Explore Lincoln City Welcome Center at the D River State Recreation Area.

Stakeholder Input Results - Explore Lincoln City Welcome Center at the D River State Recreation Area