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Celebrate Women's History Month at the Connie Hansen Garden

Explore this botanical garden and celebrate the legacy of its first landscaper.

In Lincoln City's Wecoma neighborhood, a secret sanctuary awaits on a quiet residential street. The Connie Hansen Garden, a charming pocket-sized oasis, boasts vibrant flower beds, peaceful lily ponds and other unique plant life. Take a break from the bustle of Highway 101 and wander the garden's winding paths for a dose of serenity.

The garden is free to visit, and open daily from dawn until dusk. It is run completely by local volunteers who steward the land and curate the artistic vision of the garden.

When visiting the garden, take some time to appreciate the history of this space. The founder of the garden, Constance P. Hansen, was born in Oregon, but left to study botany at the University of California, Berkeley when she was young. After marrying and raising a family in California, she returned to Oregon in 1973, seeking a haven to cultivate her favorite flower, the iris. In Lincoln City, she found her dream – a small home surrounded by damp, fertile land. Here, she meticulously transformed the swampy landscape into a flourishing garden, planting not just irises but a diverse collection of rhododendrons, native trees, and other flora.

When Connie passed away in 1993, the future of the garden seemed uncertain until the community members of Lincoln City joined together and formed the Connie Hansen Garden Conservancy. They preserved Connie's creation and ensured its continued growth and development. Today, the garden continues to thrive under the care of passionate volunteers who meticulously maintain the grounds, honor Connie's vision for the land and foster a vibrant ecological community.

As spring unfolds, the Connie Hansen Garden will come alive with colorful blooms. Be sure to set aside some time to stroll the paths and enjoy the sights and sounds of the tranquil beauty here. The Connie Hansen Garden offers a unique and welcoming space for all. So grab a cup of coffee from a local shop, pack a picnic lunch, and immerse yourself in the beauty of this community treasure.

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