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Celebrating Earth Day

The Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and although we like to celebrate it every day, April 22nd is a day we can all come together and be grateful for this place we call home.

Help keep our beaches and trails clean by picking up trash

Pick Up Trash

The Oregon Spring Cleanup will take place on Saturday, April 17 in honor of Earth Day. Every day is a good day to pick up trash on the beach while you walk, but join your fellow Earth lovers led by SOLVE in a socially distant trash pick-up and make our wonderful beaches a little more pristine than when you arrived.

Picking up trash doesn't just apply to the beach. Next time you're out on a trail, bring some gloves and a bag or bucket and keep your eyes peeled for anything that doesn't belong.

Be more mindful of your waste and where that waste goes

Become More Sustainable

Lincoln City is working hard toward becoming a more sustainable and environmentally friendly destination. One of the many steps taken was a city-wide ban on polystyrene. With the amount of to-go food happening in 2020 it was a no-brainer to take the step to protect our oceans and the environment we are lucky to enjoy. All restaurants happily obliged and are now using eco-friendly to-go containers and focusing their attention on eliminating single-use plastics. This month would be a great month to be more mindful of your waste, where that waste goes, and how to minimize the chance it ends up in the ocean or polluting the air. Ditch the single-use plastic by investing in a reusable drink container, straws, and grocery bags.

Cascade Head is the only UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Oregon

Celebrate Oregon's only UNESCO Biosphere

Cascade Head is a world-class, mind-blowing and hands down beautiful hike that nourishes every part of the soul. Its sweeping views, enormous old-growth forest and wealth of wildlife make this a headland that people travel near and far to experience. What a lot of people don't know is that it's the only UNESCO Biosphere in Oregon and one of just a few on the West Coast. Cascade Head is protected and will remain a thriving place for nature and wildlife. UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It seeks to build peace through international cooperation in education, the sciences and culture. Visit their website and find yourself more grateful for our staple headland than you were before. Take a walk through the woods, stare out at the sea from up above, and observe the wildlife - like the endangered silverspot butterfly or herds of elk. Soak it in and celebrate Earth day, every day.

From ashes to art at the Lincoln City Glass Center

Remember the Echo Mountain Fire

In 2020, Lincoln City faced a devastating wildfire. As our community came together to rebuild, local artist Kelly Howard at the Lincoln City Glass Center picked up the ashes from the Earth and made art. Small glass coins with the ashes from the Echo Mountain Fire are sold with proceeds going to the survivors who need help and have lost irreplaceable amounts of their life.

Find your way to celebrate Earth Day. Together, we can prevent the coming disasters of climate change and environmental destruction.

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