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New Businesses in Lincoln City

In the midst of a pandemic, Lincoln City welcomed over 13 new businesses to town. While it has been a tough time to be a business owner, our community persisted.

Lincoln City welcomed over 13 new businesses to town during the middle of a pandemic. This is an impressive number considering various shutdowns, risk categories, and a lot of uncertainty. We’ve had the opportunity to highlight a few throughout the last few blogs, but when you put them all together you have a clearer picture of how resilient Lincoln City is. From coffee shops like Zefir and Otis Bean Box, to reconstructed hotels like the Starfish Manor, who opened 51 new units to their existing structure, to clothing stores like Smok'n Bling, we are excited to welcome them all. At the Salishan Marketplace alone, we saw empty storefronts come alive with Depoe Baykery, Unique and Knotty, Sirens' Sweets, Squatchsami/The Outpost, and Coffee and Cravings.

depoe baykery
Depoe Baykery at the Salishan Marketplace

1. Depoe Baykery

Originally opening in 2010, Depoe Baykery started with the owners having 25 years of baking experience under their belt, which is why we are so excited that they made the decision to move from Depoe Bay and join us at the Salishan Marketplace in Gleneden Beach. There is no shortage of fresh baked goods in their bakery. From bread, cookies, macaroons, donuts, and custom pies and cakes you can order for any occasion. They are so excited to be in a much larger space where they can lure passerby’s in with the smells of fresh baked goods. They have future plans to offer a lounge area and provide outdoor furniture. We were encouraged to try one of the things they are best known for...their “Depoe Dongs,” a spin on the old “DingDong” cake, but this thing is baked for royalty. Trust us, it is, we tried it.

A "Depoe Dong" from Depoe Baykery

2. Butter Bakes

A long time dream for owners Whitney and Jimmy, the pandemic put wrenches in their plans, but they pushed forward and began their business in May of 2020. Butter Bakes started by making local deliveries of freshly baked goodies, and since then have partnered with tons of local businesses in the county where they have been featured in various ‘pop-ups’. You can find them at Squatchsami’s “The Outpost” on the weekends for now, but farmers markets and other venues in the future. They say that cookies are a huge part of self-care, and Butter Bakes is here to help with delicious treats.

butter bakes cookies
Cookies from Butter Bakes

3. Other Businesses to Explore

Lincoln City Outlets welcomed Toby’s Treasures, a new and vintage furniture and home decor store, and a temporary holiday pop-up shop from the Lincoln City Glass Center, where glass art and float fanatics were able to Give The Gift of Lincoln City. We welcomed back Output Records in 2020, a perfectly thought out record store with vinyl, turntables, clothing, home goods, and electronics. We also welcomed Pub Fish and Chips to the mix of restaurants Lincoln City has to offer, complete with a glass-enclosed patio, freshly fried fish and chips, tacos, chowder, and boozy shakes.

record players
Output Records

One thing we know for sure is that this community is strong, and has come together during hard times to lift each other up. And that self-care can look like baked goods, new vinyl, refreshing home decor, or a hot plate of fish and chips.

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