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Summer in Lincoln City

After a challenging year, we're all beginning to travel a little bit more. Here's what to expect during your visit this summer.

Things might look a bit different when visiting Lincoln City this summer. We are all somewhat used to wearing our masks and being physically distant. Regularly washing our hands and staying home if we're sick is just part of the routine.

The soft glow of sunrise glistens on the reflective waters of the Oregon Coast, with houses and trees to the left

As we approach summer, we're all beginning to explore more places away from our homes. The State of Oregon has allowed Lincoln County to permanently remain in the "Lower Risk" category of the risk and protection framework due to high COVID-19 vaccination rates. This allows for some additional capacity, fewer restrictions and some much-needed stability for our businesses and community. We will continue to update our reopening page with any new information.

Even with things returning to "normal," we're not there quite yet. Here are five things to keep in mind this summer.

A child builds a sandcastle on the beach along the Oregon Coast near Lincoln City

1. Changes to Festivals and Events

Some of your favorite festivals and events may be taking the year off or are being reimagined to better align with current health and safety guidelines.

The Summer Kite Festival has been canceled for 2021. 4th of July has been simplified this year as a fireworks display over Siletz Bay. We're not sure yet if the annual Sandcastle Contest is on or not.

Stay up-to-date with festival and event information on our website.

2. It's Going to be Busy

It's always busy during the summer at the Oregon Coast, but we're expecting even more folks to discover our little slice of heaven this year. With pent of demand for travel and people traveling further, expect crowded roads, limited parking and more people enjoying the beach.

Make sure to plan ahead. Consider a mid-week visit where you might have a bit more space to yourself, yet still get to enjoy all the wonderful things in Lincoln City.

A kayaker in a red kayak paddles along the water off the Oregon Coast towards a rock formation at dusk

3. Kindness and Patience Go a Long Way

It's been a long road for all of us, dealing with many challenges along the way. Here on the coast, like many other places, we're experiencing a workforce shortage, which can mean longer wait times, reduced capabilities, and unexpected closures. Restaurants may have smaller dining rooms, hotels may not offer their typical guest services, and attractions have some new ways of doing what they do.

Throw a little kindness to local businesses and front-line workers as they continue to navigate these strange times. Share a smile, offer up a thank you, or even extend some extra generosity. See what our community is doing to be ready, adapt, and go the extra mile.

4. We Have Plenty of Low-risk Activities

Socially-distanced and seriously fun adventures await you in Lincoln City. Explore nature on our lush trails, suit up for an aquatic adventure, cast a kite high into our blue skies, or cruise for miles on a fat tire bike. Or better yet, do them all.

Check out some fun low-risk activities here in Lincoln City.

A family of four smiles as they sit around a small fire made of driftwood in the sand along the Oregon Coast

5. Safety First

We know how important health and safety have been during the pandemic, but the Lincoln City community is still recovering from the Eco Mountain Fire, which took place in September 2020.

Fire danger is expected to be high this again summer, so help us keep things safe for everyone. When building recreational fires, keep them small and extinguish them properly with water. If you're coming to celebrate, such as the 4th of July, use only legal fireworks, light them in secure places, and dispose of them correctly. Remember to dispose of trash like cigars and cigarettes where it's safe to do so. Thanks for doing your part!