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Tips on Bringing Your Dog to Lincoln City

There is no doubt our dogs love the beach as much as we do. Here are a few tips to safely and responsibly enjoy Lincoln City with your furry friend.

At The Beach

The most common question for beachgoers wanting to bring their furry friend to Lincoln City beaches is, “can my dog be off-leash?” While there are a few things to cover, in general, the answer is yes. With that said, you should only let your dog off-leash at the beach if they have 100% voice control and recall. It is the handler’s responsibility to prevent their animal from harassing wildlife, the environment, people, and other domestic animals. You must always carry your pet’s leash with you, have them in sight, and have full control over their behavior.

While Lincoln City allows dogs on the beach, there may be places up and down the coast where pets are not permitted. Especially at certain times of the year in order to protect wildlife and nesting seasons. A safe bet would be to check frequently for updates on restricted beach areas before you go.

On the Trail

Protecting our wild coastline is essential, which is why Cascade Head does not allow dogs on any trails at any time. Cascade Head is home to a plethora of wildlife such as the endangered Silverspot butterfly, eagles, falcons, elk, bear, and more. Please respect the signs, and leave Fido at home when choosing to hike this magnificent headland.

The good news is, dogs are allowed on nearly every other trail in Lincoln City. Leashes are required at all times during these hikes and packing out your dog's waste is the most responsible thing you can do as a pet owner.

Bring dog bags for your pet’s waste at all times, whether beach or trail. Not all access points provide them. And please dispose of waste in a trash can. While leaving it on the side with the intention to come back may seem like a good idea, many times it is forgotten. Not only does that affect the environment but others' enjoyment of immersing themselves in nature.

Where to Refuel

Looking for a snack after a long day of adventuring? Don’t leave your pet at home, take them with you! Lincoln City has multiple dog-friendly patios where you both can enjoy a little relaxation and reloading. Places like McMenamins, Snug Harbor, Pub Fish and Chips, and Beachcrest Brewing are a few.

There are plenty of hotels, motels, and vacation rentals that allow your furry friend. Each place is a little different when it comes to pet fees, pet sizes, number of pets, and rules while at their location. Be sure to check each property’s requirements before booking. An easy way to do this is by filtering your search on our listings page.

Being a responsible pet owner is a part of loving Lincoln City and visiting like a local. You earn respect from those who walk the beaches and trails every day and you'll appreciate your walk, even more, when they are pristine. Thank you for doing your part in keeping our beaches safe and clean.

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