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Top 9 Things to do at Devils Lake

The only Oregon coast campground located in the midst of a city, the lake is a center of summertime activity.


The slow stroke of paddle into the water, the gentle rocking of the waves—with our ocean, bay, lake, estuaries and streams, Lincoln City is a kayaker’s paradise. With its calm, green waters and shelter from coastal winds, Devils Lake provides some of the most excellent kayaking experiences in Lincoln City. Dip your paddle in and breathe in the scenery, wildlife and the Pacific Northwest serenity.


Salmon, steelhead, rainbow trout and largemouth bass thrive in Devils Lake, Salmon and Siletz Rivers, and Schooner and Drift Creeks. Fifty pound salmon have been caught on the Siletz River. The Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife stocks Devils Lake multiple times a year with rainbow trout and many an avid fisherman can find yellow perch, crappie, bluegill and catfish. Cast your line from the dock or rent a boat to sail on the deep green waters.


Find the balance in your life on a stand up paddle board as you stroke your way through Devils Lake. Sheltered from the rougher ocean winds, the cool green waters of Devils Lake are perfect for novice and expert paddleboarding enthusiasts. Stroke your way across the misty surface and take in the gorgeous natural beauty around you.


Grab your swimsuits, water socks and snorkel—the mysterious depths of Devils Lake are waiting to be discovered. From any of our lakeside parks, swimming areas in Devils Lake are easy to cannonball into. At Regatta Grounds Park, the long sprawling hill gives way to a boat dock and swimming area, surrounded by a playground and winding, forested hiking trails.


Gather a wicker basket, a checkered blanket and watch the reflection of the clouds and sky in the cool green waters of Devils Lake. Spread the blanket out and enjoy a picnic lunch as the wind blows through the old growth Sitka trees. Soak in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest as you laze by the lake.

Lakeside Hikes

There are several short hikes to explore around Devils Lake, winding through old forests and around hidden springs. From the Regatta Grounds Park where a 400-year-old grandfather Sitka Spruce resides to the magical Spring Lake Trail, these expeditions are tree-lined and provide gorgeous views of the lake.


Camping—a time honored Pacific Northwest tradition, and where better to pitch your tent than next door to Devils Lake? The Devils Lake State Campground features tent sites, RV hookups, yurts, fishing docks and a boat moorage.


In the early hours of the morning, you may wander along the docks of Devils Lake, taking in the cool, still air. Raise your binoculars and scan the tree line, horizon or the skies above and you may just find the bird you’ve been searching for—soaring majestic Bald Eagles, clever, fleet-footed Sandpipers and Snowy Plovers, or the delicate ballet of a Great Blue Heron as it stalks its supper.

Hunt for the Devils Lake Creature

It’s said something tentacled and mysterious lurks in the greenish depths of Devils Lake. Local Native American oral legend speaks of a “bad spirit”, an octopus-like creature that dwells within the lake. Stories tell of a Native American chief sending a band of warriors across the lake at night to win the affection of a young woman on the other side. The calm waters of the lake began to bubble, froth and churn as giant tentacles rose from the murky depths and pulled the men from their canoes and down into the water, never to be seen again. Does the Devils Lake Monster still dwell there? While uncertain, watch the waters when you are out kayaking.

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