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Discover Your Culinary Side

Explore the delicious side of Lincoln City, from our diverse restaurant scene to learning new tips and techniques at our Culinary Center.

Catch Your Own Dinner

Harvest the bounty of Siletz Bay and catch your dinner from the shoreline or unearth it from the mudflats at low tide. Siletz Bay is a great spot to go crabbing in Lincoln City year-round. The best time to crab is several hours past low tide, ensuring the crabs are active and water currents will cause the least disturbance to your gear. As the tide goes low in Siletz Bay, mudflats emerge, and within lay a delicious population of clams. Purple varnish and softshell are the chief clams found in Siletz Bay, located in the section of the bay close to Cutler City. Clams can be found approximately 14 inches below the sand and can be spotted through “shows” or small holes, 1/8 inch in diameter.

Recommended time: 1-2 hours. For more information, visit our Crabbing & Clamming page.

Fine Dining

Dig your fork into Pacific Northwest deliciousness with the Lincoln City restaurant scene—there are several places to get your culinary adventure started including The Bay House, Blackfish Café, Fathom’s at Inn at Spanish Head and Kyllo’s Seafood & Grill. For a full list of Lincoln City restaurants, visit our Where to Eat page.

Recommended time: 1-2 hours; call ahead for questions on reservations.

Culinary Center in Lincoln City (currently closed)

The flavors and scents of the Pacific Northwest and Oregon Coast food scene are on full display in the Culinary Center—bring your fork and appetite for adventure. With a passion for seasonally inspired dishes, culinary education and a successful show featuring the local restaurant food scene, the Culinary Center is a great place to begin a delicious journey in Lincoln City. Roll up your sleeves and discover your inner culinary artist.

Recommended time: 3 hours.

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