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Plan For Vacation Day

Many Americans let earned vacation time go to waste each year. On national Plan for Vacation Day, we encourage you to plan your vacation in advance and take those vacations you deserve.

On the last Tuesday of every January, we celebrate National Plan for Vacation Day. This day is used to encourages Americans to plan their vacation days for the rest of the year at the beginning of the year. By planning your vacation in advance, you eliminate the chance of having unused vacation days at the end of your year. This has also proven that those who plan ahead actually use their vacation hours for travel rather than staying in your town.

More than half of American workers (55%) failed to use all their time off last year. That’s a stockpile of 768 million unused vacation days just in 2018, of which 236 million were forfeited completely.

Vacations are essential to strengthening relationships with friends and family and inspiring creativity in your personal life. It gives us a break from the monotony of our daily lives and can help us refocus our energies, which in turn leads us to return home with a new idea or mindset. Exploring a new place and opening your mind to how others live can be a truly rewarding experience.

The Oregon Coast is a magical place and Lincoln City on the central coast is a perfect spot to explore out of. A quick 40-minute drive south and you could be in Newport at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Or 30 minutes north you could be at one of the only beachfront brewpubs in Oregon, Pelican Brewery in Pacific City. But if you aren’t looking to drive along the coast, Lincoln City has everything you want out of a vacation. From 7 miles of relatively empty beaches, a lake to relax by or play in, shops to explore, all styles of restaurants, breweries and more. With an abundance of beachfront hotels and rental homes, you are sure to find peace watching a sunset or whales go by.

Travel Oregon has compiled a list of National Plan for Vacation Day specials. Here in Lincoln City, we have 2 two participating hotels that are offering 20% off when booking with them this month on the 29th. The Inn at Wecoma as well as the newly renovated Coho Inn Oceanfront and Lodge are both longstanding hotels in our beach town. Slow yourself down and take some time off for yourself, whether that’s here with us in Lincoln City or somewhere else in our beautiful state of Oregon. You’re going to deserve it.

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