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Studio Highlight - The Hot Shop

Finders Keepers is only made possible by the amazing artists who take the time to create the floats. We want to take the time to start recognizing them.

Over the years we have seen a lot of creativity in floats, and this year was no different. This Halloween, our special drop floats are something we haven't seen before, floats that the GLOW IN THE DARK. The Hot Shop, located in Newport, delivered these to us and we knew immediately it would be a special drop for the end of October.

Floats glowing in the dark

Jeff Hajek is an Oregon Coast native who has been blowing glass as a profession for more than 10 years. Over those years he has steadily been acquiring the knowledge to build his own studio, and things came together in 2016.

Jeff uses glass to express himself and finds a lot of his inspiration and energy from nature and the Pacific Ocean. "Living next to a huge body of water and the forces it generates has a profound effect on my life and my works in glass. I enjoy making things that people use every day, taking functional glass items and turning them into works of art that I hope brings a smile to your face they do mine."

This amazing family business has been a part of our Finders Keepers program on and off since 2014.

Floats in the daylight

Much like Lincoln City Glass Center and Thornmeadow Glassworks, The Hotshop also offers a blow-your-own program. So next time you're in Newport, give them a visit!

For a complete list of glass studios who make Finders Keepers what it is, you can find it here.

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