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5 Things to be Thankful for in Lincoln City

'Tis the season for gratitude! A time to reflect and give thanks. This year, let's appreciate some of the wonderful things in Lincoln City.

1. Our Biosphere Reserve

Did you know that all of Lincoln City is located inside of a UNESCO Biosphere Region?

This is a designation that the United Nations gives to places with a unique habitat and a commitment to environmental conservation. And our habitat is indeed unique! There is so much biodiversity within this small stretch of land, from rainforests to marshlands, bays, prairies, estuaries, beaches and freshwater lakes.

While Lincoln City is committed to the conservation of this beautiful habitat, we also want people to get out there and enjoy it! Biosphere Regions are places where humans and nature can thrive together, with opportunities for kayaking, bird-watching, diving, hiking, fishing, crabbing, hunting and foraging. Plus, there are workshops, summer camps and symposiums held in the Biosphere.

2. Public Beaches

All of Oregon’s beaches are public land thanks to the landmark Oregon Beach Bill of 1967. If you have ever visited an Oregon beach, you can be thankful for this legislation and the people who fought for it! Lincoln City is especially grateful for this bill, since we have 7 miles of continuous beach, more than any other Oregon coastal city. Lincoln City beachgoers will find 29 access points, many of them with free public parking.

3. Open Spaces

In Lincoln City, you are never more than 10 minutes away from a beautiful forested trail. Take a couple of steps onto one of our trails and it suddenly feels like you are no longer in Lincoln City – you’re in the middle of the forest!

These trails are a part of Lincoln City’s Open Spaces, mini-forests conveniently dispersed throughout town. In a visionary 1998 move, Lincoln City residents voted for an Open Space Bond Measure, allocating $3 million to acquire 400-acres of undeveloped land.

Lincoln City now has seven open spaces, with eight trails for the public to enjoy. Trails are family and dog friendly, and there is free parking at all trailheads.

4. Accessible Beach Access

Lincoln City’s beaches are some of the most accessible on the coast!

Our “mobi-mats” provide an accessible path on top of the soft sand at the top of the beach, which leads visitors down to the hard sand closer to the water. Wheelchairs, walkers and strollers can all easily roll across the mobi-mats.

We also have wheelchair rentals at Taft Beach that are free for public use. These wheelchairs have large, wide wheels which can easily roll across sand, shells or rocks. They give people with limited mobility the opportunity to fully enjoy our beautiful beaches. Rentals are available year-round at no cost.

5. A Vibrant Community

Lincoln City is a melting pot where memories are made. From returning families to Pacific Coast Highway explorers, each visitor brings a unique perspective and experience to our town. This diversity makes our town stronger, more inclusive and welcoming.

So, thank you for making Lincoln City a great place! It is the dynamic combination of tourists and locals, flora and fauna, beach and forest that make Lincoln City such a vibrant place. That is truly something to be thankful for!