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Top 6 Reasons to get Married in Lincoln City

With the soothing sound of the sea, the soft sand under your shoes and the backdrop of the Oregon Coast—let the beauty and joy of our Pacific Wonderland add to your special day.

The views

From the serene waters of Siletz Bay to the gorgeous, misty beaches of Roads End, with beautiful headlands holding up the sky, all seven miles of Lincoln City’s beaches offer amazing locations to host your wedding. Where better to celebrate and document your love than in the Heart of the Oregon Coast?

The venues

Whether you are seeking a sacred place to tie the knot or a fun, quirky location to jump over the broom, Lincoln City has myriad venues to peruse. For processions large and small, from the intimate, softly lit rooms of Eden Hall to the flowered pathways of Connie Hansen Garden, the location of your forever is waiting.

The honeymoon

No planes, trains or automobiles are necessary when a wedding ceremony and an excellent honeymoon location are one and the same. With plenty of lodging locations and exciting experiences to discover, in addition to a diverse food scene, Lincoln City is a perfect location to spend your honeymoon. Watch the sun melt into the waves and relax into post wedding bliss.

Bring the whole family

Everyone special in your life can easily be at one of the most important days of your life in Lincoln City. Whether you need a place to accommodate friends and family, a fun experience to discover or somewhere to grab a cold drink with your four legged friends, everyone from Spot to Great Grandma Betty can find an adventure here.

The outdoor adventure

Where better to celebrate the greatest adventure of all, than outside, surrounded by Lincoln City’s natural beauty? From massive headlands rising from the Pacific to forest groves and hikes to secret waterfalls, bring your hiking boots and your sense of adventure.

The Glass Floats

What better way to commemorate your special day than by hunting the soft, sandy beaches of Lincoln City for a Finders Keepers glass float? You find it, you keep it. Or experience the romance of creating your own glass art at our local glass studios? Either way, incorporate this unique experience on this incredible day.

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