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Women Owned Businesses

In celebration of National Women's History Month, we thought we should take the time to appreciate Women-Owned Lincoln City businesses.

Searenity Boutique

Jenn Lee followed her passion and bought previously Woman-owned Lark & Meadow in 2020. While a difficult time to own a business, she followed her heart and continued to pursue creating what is now Searenity. A collective boutique of women’s clothing, gifts, and home goods in the Oceanlake district. Outside of unique boutique items, she is passionate about creating a safe and welcoming community for women, hosting monthly events in 'The She Shed', and selling locally made items. The message here is simple, 'Support Your Local Girl Gang.'


Rachel Baird opened Tah·Lume on March 4th of 2020 in the location in Nelscott Strip. You may have recognized them when they took over the Red Cock on highway 101 in 2018, but she was eager to rebrand and add her own vision to the store. Tah·Lume is where you look to find one-of-a-kind and handcrafted items. Their products are hand chosen, pulling from small-batch makers, local artisans, and fellow lovers of the world's curiosities. Books, tarot cards, esoterics, journals, crystals and much more illuminate this store with good energy and it draws you back repeatedly.

Unique & Knotty

Courtney Arnold started Unique & Knotty in July of 2020. She was previously located in Pacific City and has been a force in women-owned businesses for accumulatively 12 years. Unique & Knotty has handcrafted and custom furniture, lighting, home décor, tableware, linens, clothing, accessories, one-of-a-kind jewelry, gifts, clothing of all sorts, and more. With a focus on providing sizing for all shapes of men and women, you’re more than likely to walk out confident, with an item you'll treasure.


Shelby Locke Cunningham is as local as it gets. Growing up here she was surrounded by the coffee scene with her parents owning the first drive-through shop in Lincoln City. She spent 4 years owning her own drive-through coffee joint and decided to create the space she always wanted. Salt came to life in May of 2019 and has quickly become a local and visitor favorite. With its cozy interior, space to hang out on couches, homemade lunch and pastry items, specialty Stumptown Coffee drinks, house-made cocktails, and eccentric decorations, you can easily stay all day. Salt also offers a variety of home decor and gifts, some surf-inspired, some just girl-power inspired. They have been known to host local pop-ups, live music, and feature local artists, adding to the charm by supporting locally.

Lighthouse Coffee Company

LeeAnn Reyes is the owner of Lighthouse Coffee Company, the adorable drive-through coffee shop you pass by on highway 101 that looks like a miniature lighthouse. This coffee shop has been around since 2000, and LeeAnn took it over in May of 2019. She has been a local in Lincoln City for many years, working her way up to her ownership by working at Mo's for about 11 years. Lighthouse coffee serves up some of the best blended coffee drinks around, and you're always met with the bright smiles of her female employees.

Marci's & Zest

Marci Baker started her own bar, Marci's, in early 2018. She made it completely her own by painting the walls, making a new bar, creating a paint splatter and art lounge room, and began hosting a plethora of events such as live music, karaoke nights, and more. She created a space where locals and visitors could come hang out to play pool, darts, or play a variety of games. She is also very active in the community and was one of the many places that opened her doors to help receive donations for The Echo Mountain Fire victims. She is constantly looking for ways to give back to her community and loves creating spaces where all feel welcome.

And that's not all! In early 2020 when the pandemic was in full swing, she opened up a second restaurant, Zest Creperie & Boutique. She saw the need for a restaurant that specialized in vegetarian and vegan options all made with whole foods and clean ingredients. Adjacent to this cozy restaurant, you'll find a Local Artisan Boutique. You never know what you’ll find in there, but you'll walk out knowing you supported local artists.

88 Grains Asian Fusion Bar

Ann Trakulsomboon opened 88 Grains early in 2021. She spent her whole life living in Southern California, owned and operated a restaurant in Orange County called HabiThai that was just a few miles from Disneyland. She quickly fell in love with the Oregon Coast on a visit in 2019 and decided to make the change. 88 Grains has been a welcomed addition to Lincoln City, with quality Asian fusion-style recipes, and a warm welcome from Ann on each visit. She moved with every intention to retire here and has had continued support from the Lincoln City community, saying it gives her energy and is very thankful to everyone for supporting her dream.

The Marketplace at Salishan Coastal Lodge

The Marketplace is home to a collection of independent small businesses, nearly all of which are women-owned and run.

Rowboat Gallery, run by Judith recently relocated from Neskowin and specializes in local and regional artists that speak to place, material, history, and handcraft. Encounter works large and small for walls, tabletops, even jewelry.

JDC Fine Art, run by Jennifer, champions established and emerging contemporary artists from farther afield and focuses on photography.

Hopscotch Toys and Sirens’ Sweets are a fitting pair of not-to-miss fun run by the same proprietor Linda, who dedicates herself to quality toys from trusted brands with a focus on play value and old fashioned hard to find candies, locally made salt water taffy, and crowd-pleasing chocolates.

Not to mention the rest of this Gleneden Beach girl gang, Gretchen with Coffee & Cravings, Jessica with Squatchsami Food Truck and Outpost, Amy at Beachcrest Brewing Company, Diana at Gentlemans Hair Co, and Sylkija of Fitness 101.

This just scratches the surface of women doing amazing things in Lincoln City. We want to say thank you to all who have called Lincoln City home and are working together to make it such a special place. Happy National Women's History Month!

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