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New Year’s

Like every good New Year’s celebration, you’ll find parties, popping champagne and live music in the Heart of the Oregon Coast.

COVID-19 Restrictions may affect New Year's events

Want to find a spot to kick up your heels and raise your glass? Follow Explore Lincoln City’s Event Calendar to find where the New Year’s parties are—often hand in hand with live music.

To ring in the New Year in style, our Float Fairies drop extra blown glass floats along Lincoln City beaches for you to discover. In days gone by, treasure hunters searching Oregon’s coastline would find treasures from the East—blown glass Japanese fishing floats in gleaming shades of green and blue. These floats were used to float fishing nets and ranged in size from two inches to two feet. They were collected, admired, polished and the ultimate find for a dedicated beachcomber. These days, the world’s fishing vessels use buoyant plastic, making glass floats rare—except here in Lincoln City.

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