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Treasure hunters can find agates, shells, sea creatures and, of course, our famous hand-blown glass floats hidden all along the beach.

There are precious gemstones to discover on the beaches of Lincoln City. These semi-transparent stones are pieces of quartz, carnelian, chalcedony and jasper that come loose from the headlands during wild storms and are left behind at low tide. Agates can come in all colors, can contain fossils and can be discovered along our beaches and rivers. The gems wash out to the ocean and become polished in the surf over time.

The Oregon Coast has plenty of driftwood in varying shapes and sizes. Steer clear of large logs during high tide and when the tide is close. Driftwood can make for a good bonfire depending on when it last touched water.

A sharp-eyed beachcomber may come across petrified wood. Look for a dull sheen on wet rocks with a wood grain pattern, as well as impressions of fossilized leaves.

Oregon Coast fossils are primarily from 15- to 20- million-year-old sandstone layers mixed with compressed volcanic ash. These layers hold the fossilized shells of mollusks like clams and snails, as well as whale bones, fish teeth and turtle shells. As sea cliffs erode during storms, new fossils are washed ashore, waiting to be found.

In days gone by, treasure hunters searching Oregon’s coastline would find treasures from the East—blown glass Japanese fishing floats in gleaming shades of green and blue. These floats were used to float fishing nets and ranged in size from two inches to two feet. They were collected, admired, polished and the ultimate find for a dedicated beachcomber. These days, the world’s fishing vessels use buoyant plastic, making glass floats rare—except here in Lincoln City. Year-round, gorgeous Finders Keepers floats are hidden along our seven miles of beach.

Please be mindful as you beachcomb in Lincoln City and practice beach safety. Always face the ocean, be wary of beach logs and debris, and keep small children and animals near you at all times. For more beach safety tips, visit the Oregon Parks and Recreation website.

Beachcombing Exploriences

Beachcomb with an expert with our hands-on Beachcombing Exploriences. Take a guided tour along the beach where you'll identify coastal treasures like gemstones, agates, fossils, shells, jasper, and minerals.

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