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Top 5 Reasons to Stop in Lincoln City When Driving Highway 101

The Beach

Exploring Lincoln City’s seven miles of naturally beautiful beach is a great place to start your adventure. The sand is just a stone’s throw away from Highway 101 and easy to get on with our many beach accesses. Bring supplies for a bonfire; fly a kite or beach comb for precious gemstones. You may even find one of our Finders Keepers glass floats while you are treasure hunting.

Finders Keepers

In days gone by, treasure hunters searching Oregon’s coastline would find treasures from the East—blown glass Japanese fishing floats in gleaming shades of green and blue. These floats were used to float fishing nets and ranged in size from two inches to two feet. They were collected, admired, polished and the ultimate find for a dedicated beachcomber. These days, the world’s fishing vessels use buoyant plastic, making glass floats rare—except here in Lincoln City. Year round, gorgeous Finders Keepers floats are hidden along our seven miles of beach.

The Food Scene

A snap of bright red crab legs drizzled in butter and lemon, beautiful golden pieces of fish next to tangy tartar sauce. From warm bowls of thick chowder to freshly baked bread to delicious, fat pieces of sushi. Whether you are looking for the day's catch to authentic Thai to artisan pizza to German schnitzel, the blooming restaurant scene in Lincoln City has options from nearly every corner of the globe. Dig your fork into your next adventure.

Devils Lake

685 acres of cool green waters misting in the early morning rest just east of Lincoln City—the still serenity of Devils Lake. The lake flows out into the Pacific through the D River—the World’s Shortest River. Stop by Regatta Grounds Park—a long, sprawling hillside leading right up to the edge of Devils Lake, Regatta Grounds is a perfect place to relax on a sunny afternoon. The park has a play structure, boat ramp, protected swimming area, fishing docs, a picnic area, restrooms, and a gorgeous view of the lake.

The Hikes

The forests and headlands surrounding Lincoln City offer beautiful and energizing hikes to explore. From massive headlands rising from the Pacific to forest groves and hikes to secret waterfalls, bring your hiking boots and your sense of adventure. Three miles north of Lincoln City, a gorgeous headland waits to be explored. Cascade Head offers out and back trails with breathtaking views of the Oregon coastline and the Salmon River Estuary. As a protected wildlife sanctuary, there are key ways to respect and protect Cascade Head’s natural beauty and wildlife—removal of foliage, hunting, camping, fires, bicycles and dogs are not allowed so this delicate environment may be preserved.

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